mosquitoI live in Florida, where there are 80 diferent species of mosquitos, including those that can transmit Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya. Also, I'm super allergic to their bites, so I've become really good at avoiding them. Here are my secrets to preventing mosquito bites. 

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Vitamin B 1

Vitamin B

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Mosquitoes hate the smell that comes out of us when whe ingest vitamin B. 


Long sleeves 2

Long sleeves

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Long pants and sleeves are the best defense against mosquitoes. They also help to protect the skin from the sun. The best idea is to wear clothing made out of light and natural fabrics.


Avoid overheating 3

Avoid overheating

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Mosquitoes love body heat and sweat.

Chose light colors 4

Chose light colors

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Mosquitoes also like dark clothing.


Get rid of still water 5

Get rid of still water

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Mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water. Get rid of any possible source.


Check different creams and lotions 6

Check different creams and lotions

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I swear by the Soft Original Bath Oil Spray ($24) by Avon. 


Anti-mosquito wearables 7

Anti-mosquito wearables

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There are wearable products with natural repellents that you can have on you. My son does great with the product in the photo. He plays soccer and is never bitten when he is wearing one of those.This packet of three costs $5.99 in Target.

Use repellent 8

Use repellent

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Mosquito repellent are the true and tried method to avoid being bit. Many of us, myself included, rather use a natural remedy first, but if you are going to a place where you already know that are lots of mosquitoes, please use it.