You've been eating watermelon all wrong & here's why!

It's summertime and you know what that means? It means fun in the sun, long beach days, and eating juicy, delicious watermelons. But get this: You shouldn't be spitting out the seeds. I repeat, you shouldn't be spitting out the seeds because they're actually really good for you


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Most of us grew up under the impression that eating watermelon seeds would one day result in some serious indigestion issues. But apparently we were all misinformed. Watermelon seeds are loaded with protein, amino acids, B vitamins and nutrients like magnesium, that help with everything from regulating blood pressure, improving metabolism, maintaining the nervous and digestive system, and even treating coronary heart diseases. Who knew?

Here's the thing, though: You shouldn't eat them straight from the fruit. According to reports, the best and most beneficial way to digest watermelon seeds is after they've been sprouted, shelled, and dried. That's when they're actually edible.

Don't get me wrong, sprouting is no easy task. It requires soaking the seeds in water, rinsing, then draining and it all takes time. But it's totally worth it. Oh, apparently they taste just like sunflower seeds. Come on, who wouldn't want to try that? 

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