You worked hard this spring and FINALLY got down to the weight you wanted for the summer. Or maybe you're happy with where you are and want to make sure you stay that way during the season of endless barbecues and fizzy drinks. It might be difficult, but your weight loss goals are made much easier with these 18 foods –including some healthy and delicious recipes!

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Corn 1


Image via liz west/flickr

Elotes (Mexican street corn) are a summer staple, but there's more than one way to enjoy this veggie. Try it in esquites or a simple grilled corn with a little cayenne pepper on top. 


Avocados 2


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Guacamole with chips are a MUST for any summer potluck, but if you want to lose weight, try simply topping your favorite salad with some sliced avocado slices. 


Watermelon 3


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A cool watermelon salad (try some cotija cheese for an extra dose of something special) is a summer MUST. But if you really want to indulge, a classic agua fresca is the way to go.

Summer Squash 4

Whether you're opting for zucchini or yellow summer squash, this veggie is easily added to any dish. Try it raw in salads, add it to your favorite gazpacho or simply roast them for a delectable side dish.


Cilantro 5


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Herbs are a great part of everyday cooking, and cilnatro is a MUST in any Latino household. We love it in guacamole, added to salads, topping our favorite chili and even throwing a handful into breakfast smoothies.


Strawberries 6


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Eating strawberries on their own during their summer peak is a great way to add a little sweetness into your life. But trying them in strawberry empanadas? Even better!


Cucumbers 7

Cucumbers sliced into your favorite salad are great any time of the year. We prefer the simplicity of a cucumber and tomato salad, but you can add your favorite cheese, herb or even whole grain to make it an even tastier side dish.

Tomatoes 8


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Other than adding tomatoes to guacamole and making your favorite spicy salsa, they're great in a chilled gazpacho–summer's best light chilled soup that's sure to keep the calories down in your lunchtime meals.


Pineapple 9

Snacking on pineapple will give you the little touch of sweetness that you'll want when you're trying to avoid heavy desserts loaded with calories. But for an even better treat, grill sliced pineapple and top them with cinnamon.

Jicama 10

If you've never tried the beauty of crunchy jicama, then what are you waiting for?! Slicing them into strips makes for great guacamole and hummus dippers, but you can also opt for a simple clementine and jicama salad.


Radishes 11


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Radishes are typically served on the side of tacos or as a garnish, but you're seriously missing out if you haven't tried the sliced beauty on its own or in a Cuban salad (which always has radishes!).

Mango 12

Mango slices are great. And we all know that a mango batido is the best drink we could ask for. But if you want something on the healthier side, try a mango coconut chia pudding that the whole family will get on board with, too.


Eggplant 13

Eggplant may not seem like the friendliest food, but this veggie (which peaks starting in July) is a great one if you prefer to have your veggies cooked, like in this scruptious marinated eggplant dish.

Bananas 14

Bananas are simply our FAVORITE easy snack, summertime or not! Keep a big batch at home, then bring one to work with a jar of almond butter for a truly healthy (and satisfying!) pre-gym snack.


Arugula 15


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Spinach is a favorite in salads, but why not try arugula this year instead? We love it in a baby arugula salad (especially when served on the side of this crispy tilapia) or as a replacement in any of your favorite salads this summer. Arugula Caesar salad, perhaps?

Raspberries 16


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Raspberries are the start of any berry salad, but having a bunch of them in your morning smoothie, added to yogurt or even topping oatmeal will give you a great start to any day.


Lemons & Limes 17

Lemons & Limes

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If you don't have a baggie of lemons and limes in your kitchen, you are absolutely missing out! Lemon and lime juice is a great addition to some water, a cocktail, on top of fish, your grilled veggies and anything else you can imagine.

Passion Fruit 18

Passion fruit is nice and sweet, and we love it as a flavor in our cocktails. If you're looking to shy away from something store-bought and synthetic (gross!), try making your own passion fruit simple syrup to add to your drinks this summer.