Coco austin

Have you seen the latest photo of Coco Austin? She looks amazing! And if she didn't have the baby to prove it, I would join the crazies that say Coco's pregnancy was fake. But let's get real, she is just the latest woman to show that if you exercise and eat well, you can get your body back in no time. Take a look.

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Image via Splash News

Coco Austin 1

Coco Austin

Image via Coco Austin/Instagram

Only a very disciplined woman can have that figure three weeks after giving birth. Kudos, Coco!


Shakira 2


Image via Shakira/Instagram


Her second son Sasha wasn't even 7-months-old, when Shakira showed up looking like this during Maná's concert in Barcelona, during the summer of 2015.


Jacqueline Bracamontes 3

Jacqueline Bracamontes

Image via Jacqueline Bracamontes/Instagram

Jacqueline Bracamontes's youngest daughter Carolina was three months old when she was already looking like this. Amazing! I can't wait to learn how she stays healthy and in shape during this third pregnancy.

Ana Patricia 4

Only 10 days after giving birth to her daughter Giulietta, the Despierta América host posted this image on Instagram. It doesn't seem fair, does it?


Ninel Conde 5

Ninel Conde

Image via Ninel Conde/Instagram

Days after giving birth to her second son Emmanuel, Mexican bombshell Ninel Conde posted this incredible photo of her belly on Instagram. Her secret: fat reducing creams and a faja.


Snooki 6


Image via Snooki/Instagram

The former Jersey Shore star became an inspiration for new moms, when she showed her trim body on Instagram, on January 2015, only four months after giving birth to her second daughter.


Bárbara Bermudo 7

Bárbara Bermudo

Image via Bárbara Bermudo/Instagram

Eight days after delivering her third daughter, Primer Impacto's Bárbara Bermudo delighted her fans, and I'm sure her husband, by looking amazing!

Alejandra Espinoza 8

Alejandra Espinoza

Image via Alejandra Espinoza/Instagram

Seven weeks after giving birth to her son Matteo, in February 2015, the Univision host was already taping promotions for Ricky Martin's reality, La Banda.


Lola Ponce 9

Lola Ponce

Imagen vía Lola Ponce/Instagram

Aaron Díaz's wife left the hospital after giving birth to her second daughter, in shorts and high heels. Argentinian-Italian singer Lola Ponce says she fit in all her clothes 10 days after giving birth and credits the whole thing to breastfeeding.

Evelyn Lozada 10

Evelyn Lozada

Image via Evelyn Lozada/Instagram

Reality TV star, Evelyn Lozada, posted this photo to celebrate her body three months after giving birth to her son Carl Leo. She worked hard!