gina rodriguezGina Rodríguez gets intimate in Cosmo for Latinas' December issue. The 31 year-old Jane the Virgin star talks about her self-esteem and weight issues, mainly due to a health condition. ¡Pobrecita! I can't imagine what it felt like discuss to her body so openly. Here are the details and other moving stories of other celebs who've struggled with their weight.

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Image via Gina Rodríguez/Instagram


Gina bares it 1

Gina bares it

Imagen via Gina Rodríguez/Instagram

"Another shot from inside my @cosmoforlatinas cover shoot. This one was difficult for me, as many women can understand because I am showing more skin than I am used to."


Gina Rodríguez confesses a thyroid condition 2

Gina Rodríguez confesses a thyroid condition

Image via CW

"As a woman with hashimotos, my struggle with health and weight and body acceptance in this industry has been a loving, painful, growing, exposing, vulnerable and incredible journey. And to come to a place where I love the skin I am in and it isn't defined by anyone's expectations or limitations is beyond freeing. I love this picture because I feel like young Gina finally made herself her own hero. #loveYourSkin #enoughToday #AllGrownUp"


Angelica Vale 3

Angelica Vale

Image via Telemundo

The Mexican host of Telemundo´s ¡Qué noche! has shared publicly shared her struggles to control her weight.

Adele 4


Image via Rolling Stone Magazine

The British singer shocked the world with how thin she looks on the November 2015 cover of Rolling Stone. Adele, who credits exercising and a vegetarian diet for her stunning weight loss, insists that she did it for health reasons. Also admitted that while on tour to promote her album Adele 25 she will probably fall of the wagon again. 


Adamari López 5

Adamari López

Image via Mezcalent

Telemundo's Un nuevo día host has admitted she is having trouble losing her pregnancy weight. Adamari López had her daughter Alaïa in March 2015 and is having her thyroid checked to see if that is preventing her weight loss.


Christina Aguilera 6

Christina Aguilera

Image via Getty Images

We have seen Christina Aguilera in every possible weight, including looking her biggest in 2011.



Eduardo Santamarina 7

Eduardo Santamarina

Image via Televisa

Más vale muerta que Lichita star, Eduardo Santamarina has a weakness for comfort food, "unless I'm working. At this point I know what to do and how to get back into shape. It's never easy, though", he told me in an interview.

Khloé Kardashian 8

Khloé Kardashian

Image via Complex Magazine

Khloé Kardashian has fighting with her weight for a while now. In her book Strong looks better naked, she tells the whole story and how she is in control of her body now.


Josh Peck 9

Josh Peck

Image via ABC

I confess that when I think of Josh Peck, I imagine the chubby teen in Nickelodeon Drake and Josh. But the way he managed to lose weight and keep it off has been amazing. Have you seen him in Grandfathered? It´s not easy to look good next to John Stamos, but he does.

Raúl González 10

Raúl González

Image via Univision

For years he was el gordito in Desperta América, Univision's morning show. After some serious dieting and gastric bypass surgery, Raúl González is healthier than ever. He's also the proud owner of three restaurants, while hosting a morning radio show and Telemundo's ¡Qué noche! on Saturday nights.