weight lossI'm looking to lose 20 lbs. I don't want a miracle diet. What I need are weight loss tips and tricks that strengthen my willpower. What I found range from ridiculous to scary. Some tips even come from Jennifer López and Jessica Alba. I'll try some. Will you? Let me know!

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The Instagram method 1

The Instagram method

Image via Alicia Civita/Instagram

Apparently, if you spend hours looking at salty or sweet foods on Instagram, you won't want to eat them. I tried it with pizza and didn't work for me, but it did for almost 200 people.



Lots of intimacy, yeah that kind! 2

Lots of intimacy, yeah that kind!

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Did you hear about the lady that swears she lost weight by having sex three times a day?


Jessica Alba: It´s all about the faja 3

Jessica Alba: It´s all about the faja

Image via Jessica Alba/Instagram

Super mami, actress and business woman Jessica Alba offered a tried and true tip: fajas.

2:5 Juicing 4

2:5 Juicing

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Jason Vale has become the #1 expert in everything regarding juicing in the U.K. He swears that only drinking juices two out of the seven days of the week allowed him to lose 54 lbs.


Sniff your food 5

Sniff your food

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Dr. Alan R. Hirsch of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago asked 3,000 volunteers to smell banana, peppermint or apples when they felt hungry. On average, they lost 30 lbs. Incredible!


Skip one meal a day 6

Skip one meal a day

Image via Ben Walton/Instagram

Ben Walton was obese until he tried a simple approach: skip one meal a day. He reported a weight loss of over 200 lbs in nine months.


Jennifer López´s oils 7

Jennifer López´s oils

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Jennifer López's secret is one I'm adopting TODAY. Apparently, she always has a bottle of grapefruit oil in her bag, and takes a whiff when she gets hungry. La Diva del Bronx swears it helps.

It´s all in the wrist 8

It´s all in the wrist

Image via Silly Bandz

Alejandro Chabán, the Latino diet guru and Despierta America hostswears by the trick of putting an elastic band in your wrist and snapping it each time you want to overeat or chose something fattening.


Night Sweats 9

Night Sweats

Image via Phoebe Court/Instagram

Imagine going from size 24 to 10, thanks to your Instagram followers. That's what happened to Phoebe Court, who started to diet and posted everything she ate on social media. Now her support group is almost 50,000 strong.

Cook 10


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However, the most surprising tip I found in my research was to cook your own meals. Every success story included this. Sounds simple, right? When I cook, I taste everything and then eat. Cooking at home may be better than eating out, because, who knows what's there.