How to lose weight and get Jennifer Lopez's body! (VIDEO)​

jennifer lopez bodylabJennifer Lopez is promising to kick us into shape with her "Be The Girl" fitness challenge. Now I know my stubborn chichos still left over from Thanksgiving are fighting to stay on my body, but if J.Lo has a way to blast it away, then I'm all ears. The Boricua pop star looks better than ever and you can tell she works hard for that figure. If she can teach me a few diet and exercise tips to make it all as easy as possible then I'm in. That's exactly what she promises--and judging from the promo video, this is an experience I shouldn't put off any longer! 


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Lopez pushes us to love ourselves more than anything on the menu, which is tough because I love fries and chocolate cake just as much as I love me. It seems like the fitness trick is exercising in moderation and making sure to eat fresh ingredients and protein shakes throughout the day. If we end up with a body even close to Jennifer's in a few weeks, well, then, the struggle and energy will be worth it. 

The Puerto Rican star joined forces with the beauty and wellness brand in 2014. In a statement, J.Lo explained, "It's not a solution-in-a-bottle. It's not a fad diet. It's part of a health regimen that makes your metabolism work as hard as you do. It's a way to love your body." If J.Lo's new misson is to have all women feel confidence and self-love than I'm all for it! 

Also, J.Lo is offering to be our coach and workout buddy. As she says, "When I run, you run." I appreciate the interactive vibe that the challenge has. Whether you decided to join full force or with baby steps, the challenge sounds worth a shot. 

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