6 Habits that are bad for your breasts

As health-conscious women, we probably take great care of our bodies through the foods we consume, the lifestyles we maintain, and the habits we take on. But did you know there could be things that are healthy in someways but then really bad for certain parts of your body? For example, cardio workouts and intense routines are great for your heart, but all that bouncing and jumping could lead to saggy breasts down the line. And you'll be surprised to learn that some habits that are detrimental to your health in several ways have the exact same unexpected side effect. Below, six habits that you need to reconsider if you want those boobs to stay perky for as long as possible.


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  1. Wear the proper gear. If you're a fitness junkie, it's important that you wear the proper gear to prevent injuries. And we're not just talking about the shoes on your feet. Running and doing other high impact exercises could wear on your breasts if you don't have the right sports bra and could cause them to sag prematurely. Support your boobs to keep the tissues from stretching and the chest pains to a minimum after a workout.
  2. Choose the right exercise. That said, even if you have the right sports bra on, you might want to tone down the workout intensity to make sure you're not causing damage under the skin. A routine that will actually help your breasts? Planks and push-ups to work out those pectoral muscles and keep them strong and firm.
  3. Wear correct sports bra size. Are you wearing the correct bra size? It's crazy the number of women walking around with ill-fitting bras. Not only does it affect how comfortable you feel in your clothes, but also how slim you look. A good bra can work wonders on elongating your torso and shaping your body to look its best. Plus, a bra is essential to prevent sagging and back pain over time.
  4. Take a break. You should also give your breasts a chance to breathe. Take the bra off from time to time so your pectoral muscles don't lose strength from the constant support.
  5. Control your weight. If your weight is constantly ballooning and crashing, that could affect the skin around your breasts. When you increase in boob size, the skin stretches out to contain the extra fat. When you diet and slim back down, that skin will have lost some elasticity and won't stay firm around your chest. This leads to sagging and wrinkles.
  6. Don't light up. Smoking also has a negative effect on skin's elasticity. By damaging collagen levels, your skin loses its firmness and youthful appearance.

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