11 Things you should NEVER share with anyone!

Woman brushing her teethAnyone that knows me well enough knows I don't like sharing things--with anyone! I don't mean that in a greedy way either, I'm just easily grossed out by germs. I know it seems kind of OCD-ish, but there's nothing hygienic about sharing deodorant, makeup or even drinks with people. Not seeing the big deal? Okay, wait until you hear about all the grossness that comes with sharing!


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When it comes to sharing stuff with people I lead by disgusts. If the thought of sharing something with someone grosses me out, I know better than to share that thing and apparently I've been on to something. "[Disgust] has a purpose, it's there for a reason," disgustologist (is this a real profession?) Valerie Curtis told Reuters Health. "Just like a leg gets you from A to B, disgusts tells you which things you are safe to pick up and which things you shouldn't touch."

Not sure which items you should be keeping to yourself? Here are 11 things you probably shouldn't be sharing with anyone!

Toothbrushes: Who in their right mind would even consider sharing a toothbrush with someone? If you think this is harmless, think again! According to the CDC, infections can easily be passed through toothbrushes especially if there was any amount of bleeding involved. Yuck!

Deodorant: Sharing deodorant means sharing germs, skin cells, hair, bacteria, fungi and yeast. Ugh!

Drinks: I never share straws or bottled drinks with anybody because I have no interest in swapping saliva. A lot of illness and infections like strep throat, colds, mumps, meningitis and even HERPES can be passed just by one sip. I bet you're thinking twice about this one now!

Razors: Um, anything that could exchange blood should never be shared and that includes razors. Even if you don't see blood, it can easily be hiding behind a razor blade and the same goes for bacteria.

Manicure/pedicure: I normally always bring my own mani/pedi tools with me to the nail salon and I've become even more paranoid after I heard a woman contracted HIV through used manicure instruments. Like razors, these tools could have blood and bacteria that may not be visible to the eye. Get your own stuff!

Mascara: I've said this before and I'll say it again, NEVER ever share mascara with someone. It's a great way to catch an eye infection or pinkeye. The same goes for eyeliners. Just don't do it!

Lipstick: You can totally catch a cold sore or even herpes from sharing lipstick or lipgloss--just saying!

Earphones: I'm always so grossed out whenever someone passes me their earphones to hear a song. Those things were in your ear, where's there's wax. I'm not sharing that! According to a 2008 study, sharing earphones can increase your chances of developing an infection which can be spread through the wax. If you need to share, pass a wipe over them first!

Bathing suit: This should go without saying. It's like sharing bra and panties!

Nail clippers: Sounds harmless right? But it's not. I have two words for you: Nail fungus!

Towels: You might want to think twice before you decide to use your friend's USED towel. You can get anything from pink eye to gonorrhea just by sharing someone's towel.

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