Grandmother loses almost 200 lbs so she can hold her grandchildren

As far as weight loss success stories go, this one makes me very happy. Delores Curtis was very unhappy with her life. She couldn't participate in family celebrations, trips or even hold her grandchildren because her weight prevented her from doing so. At only 59 years old, Delores was suffering from diabetes, acid reflux and high blood pressure. After she came back from a trip with her husband and couldn't recognize the obese woman standing next to him, she knew she had gotten too far and she needed a drastic weight loss transformation.


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delores curtis lost 200lbThat trip to Dallas with her husband was what tipped the scale. She felt out of place because she couldn't walk without feeling out of breath. She wasn't able to tour the city with her husband because her blood pressure kept rising and when she posed in photos with her husband she felt he couldn't wrap his arm around her. She was 5 feet tall and weighed a whopping 350 pounds. Wow! She had done every possible diet plan known to man and lost a little bit of weight, but in less than a year gained it all back. She lacked determination and she knew it.

Delores took the reins of her life and learned how to read labels. She stopped eating sugar and cleaned her house of fatty snacks. Instead, she made her own using healthy nuts, grains and seeds. She didn't eat any carbs, white flour, processed meats or sugary drinks. She started drinking a gallon of water a day and she lost 20 pounds in a month! That inspiration was all she needed to take things to the next level. She conquered the beast--the gym--and decided to go since she was already paying for it. She taught herself how to walk on treadmill and started with the lowest speed. Now she can do the highest for 45 minutes!

delores curtisDelores lost 181 pounds doing something we can all do! She simply learned how to eat right and started exercising. It's known that to lose weight you don't have to pay expensive diet plans or trainers, all you need is the will. Delores unveiled her true self by refusing to be the fat woman staring back at her in that photo. Her story is truly inspiring because she did it all by herself! She is now ready to do everything. She wants to travel the world, try every possible fitness trend available and there's nothing blocking her way.

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