4 Trends that aren't as healthy as you'd think

woman dangerous health trendsThere are countless health trends out in the world, gimmicks and claims that promise better health, a slimmer figure, or a longer life. It seems every other day there's a new food we just have to stock up on because it's the new fountain of youth or something, but how many of these trends are actually bad for you? Below, some trends that you should think twice about before buying in and incorporating into your lifestyle.


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1. Focusing on a "superfood" or a food of the moment is such a trap. Yes, there are certain fruits and vegetables that really pack in the nutrients, but obsessing over it, loading up on just that item, or neglecting to have a variety of foods in your diet will do you no good. Plus, you might not even like the It food of the month! So don't ever feel like you're missing out just because you're not loading up on [enter celebrity veggie]. By the way, the same goes for juicing as it neglects to add in certain vitamins and minerals into your diet.

2. Just like consuming just a handful of foods is detrimental to your health, so is only going hard on one or two fitness routines. Build a well-balanced body by giving all your muscle groups some attention. Not only will you look better and more toned, but also prevent injuries by ensuring all your muscles are gaining strength equally. A must if you're trying to build a more solid frame.

3. Any method that promises a quick path to weight loss isn't really targeting the real issue: the mind shift and lifestyle changes that need to happen in order for those pounds to remain gone. If you go for a quick fix, you won't learn and accept that portion control, proper eating, and regular exercise are what will lead to permanent change. And even then, you have to remain on top of your choices because you could eventually slip into old habits if you don't stay committed.

4. If you think lifting weights is only for those who want to bulk up, you might want to give those dumbbells a second chance. By lifting weights, you'll actually increase your metabolic rate, build strength, and increase your heart rate, which are important factors if you want to go longer and harder on your cardio workouts.

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