Angry, girl, curly, hairSometimes we feel a little groggy, slow and with little energy. We are not exactly under the weather, but we don't feel ourselves either. In other words, you need a pick-me-up! Some people start taking vitamins, walking, hitting the gym or drinking. If you are feeling sad and a little depressed this article is the medicine you were waiting for. In the following slideshow I'm going to show you herbs and natural ingredients that are a perfect mood lifters. These herbs will make you happy, addressing your hormonal imbalance and mood swings. Check out the slides, so you can become a happier person!

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The beauty about these ingredients is that they are all natural and available in most health stores. You can include them in your cooking or drink them as tea. Trust me, these herbs will make you feel like yourself again.

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Lavender 1


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Lavender is perfect to relieve stress and anxiety. Let's face it, we smell lavender and we feel instantly happy. Keep some lavender scented hand cream or lotion on your desk and apply it on your hands throughout the day to calm your nerves. You can also cook with this herb and drink it.


Stinging Nettle 2

Stinging Nettle

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This herb works wonders for us. It really helps with our hormonal imbalances that make us feel sad and moody. Say goodbye to PMS symptoms drinking a cup of stinging nettle a day. You can make your own tea boiling some dried leaves in water. It’s also filled with calcium and has natural antibacterial properties.


Curcumin 3


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You are probably tired of hearing how great this spice is for everything, but it’s true! It’s also great to help your mood swings because it brings oxygen to the neurons. Because curcumin is an anti-inflammatory, it prevents the brain cells from getting swollen. Cook with it, drink is as a tea or take supplements. It’s great!

Dark chocolate 4

Dark chocolate

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This one is the sweetiest solution of them all. Chocolate makes everything better! It has to do with a substance called anandamide which boost the level of serotonin in the brain and instantly makes you feel better. Eat dark chocolate every day, the darker the better!


Gotu Kola 5

Gotu Kola

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This herb is the best solution for stress, depression and bad mood. It works great because improves oxygen flow in the brain. A couple drops of liquid Gotu Kola restore the pH of the brain cells that makes us feel hopeless and angry when they are imbalanced. You can also make a tea and drink it every day!


Milk Thistle 6

Milk Thistle

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This powerful antioxidant herb is perfect to detox the liver. Digestive and liver problems ruin our mood because they cause stress. No one is happy when they are constipated, bloated and with acid reflux. If you know that your anxiety has to do with your stomach, you should take daily supplements of Milk Thistle to feel better.


St. John's wort 7

St. John's wort

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This flower is great to treat mild depression caused by work related stress or anxiety. It also aides sleep which is the main reason we feel restless and sad. You can make a simple tea by boiling the flowers or buy drops.

Fennel Seeds 8

Fennel Seeds

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Fennel seeds are perfect to relieve digestive and intestinal problems. It helps you move your bowels so you can release the tension and feel better. If you suffer from irregular bowel syndrome or any other digestive disorder, you should include fennel in your diet. Drink tea, take capsules and cook with the vegetables to feel better.


Passion flower 9

Passion flower

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This herb is considered the natural benzodiazepine which is the chemical in many anxiety pills. A cup of passionflower tea a day will ease your symptoms of anxiety, irritability, agitation and depression. You can also buy supplements.

L-theanine 10


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This amino acid is the base ingredient of green tea and many black teas. This antioxidants helps clean the body of toxins and free radicals that make us feel sluggish. It also aides digestion so we'll feel better after we eat. As a bonus, green tea helps you lose weight. So drink up!