Woman loses 300 pounds & you have to see her now

rhonda martinI have to share with you this amazing weight loss transformation, which is one of the most drastic and inspiring yet. Weighing 457 pounds comes with emotional and physical challenges, but one woman decided to make a change for the better. At that weight, Rhonda Martin had trouble even walking or breathing and knew that her life was being cut short. "I was just existing," she told ABC News. The 43-year-old woman started taking 100 steps a day and eating healthy meals. After two years of pushing herself more and more, Martin managed to lose almost 300 pounds. She seriously looks like a new woman! 


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rhonda martinStories like these always remind me about the power of the human spirit. Martin decided to change her lifestyle once she realized that she was cutting her life short. Will power and dedication made it possible for her to drop all that weight in just two years, which is pretty remarkable.

She managed to do it on her own--without going on the Biggest Loser or any of those weight loss reality shows. Making this sort of drastic change on your own is the hardest part and she managed to overcome it.

"It's only two shakes a day, and then the other three meals that I'd have would be just regular food, so I wasn't limiting myself to the shakes," she revealed. Also, once she got used to her walking exercises, Rhonda started biking. Her "mini goals" made a big difference. "For me to be under 200 pounds, I never thought that would be possible," she said.

Now she runs marathons and completes triathlons! This woman is a superhero. She is inspiring so many people to live healthier lives. The best part is that this woman looks alive. She's enjoying life and has a light about her that's undeniable. In the interview, Martin proclaims "I have my life back." It's almost like she got a second chance at life and that's a beautiful thing. 

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