Woman's 80 pound weight loss will amaze & inspire you

Kelly Guy lost 80 pounds in a truly inspiring way, inspiring not only because she looks fantastic, but because she did it in a simple, healthy way that you and I can totally do as well.

It all happened because one day, while visiting friends from college, she took a group photo and since she couldn't tell the photographer to only shoot her from a flattering angle, she had to take a good hard look at a full body shot of herself. The "scariest" part was that she was even bigger than the friend standing next to her who was 6 months pregnant. Guy weighed 256 pounds at the time and knew she had to do something about it. And she did.


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Guy, who is 37 years old, came to the realization that her entire life she had been an emotional eater. She turned to food in good times and in bad times. Even as a child she ate too much and had a hard time telling when she was full. Along with her food issues, she had a very inactive life: she didn't exercise and found excuses to get out of doing physical activities with friends.

But after seeing herself in that group photo, she was ready to change. She says that she changed her relationship with food, "It became more about eating to live instead of living to eat. I took the diet as a prescription and saw my meals as my medicine instead of indulgences. They were all I needed to stay energized through the day."

Of course exercise comes into play too. In the beginning of her weight loss journey, she didn't even start going to the gym right away because she was too embarrassed, but she took advantage of the mountains in Colorado to go for hikes. That's awesome. I'm sure many of us can identify with her feelings of shame and we can certainly use her example to not keep us from exercising even when we aren't ready to hit the gym.

Look at the great results that Guy has had and tell me that you are not impressed!

I'm really inspired by Guy's journey. She has some really useful tips that we can all use. She says to reward yourself on your journey with things that aren't food like a purse, a massage or even a trip. She reminds us that every day is a new day and even if the day before had setbacks, you have a chance to start over. She's also a big advocate of getting in the kitchen to find new and creative ways to make healthy meals. The last thing that she suggests is to share your progress like she has. She started a blog documenting her weight loss as a way to share her journey and be accountable.

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