6 Easy ways to get out of a weight loss rut

When you put in the hard work to lose some weight, you expect to see results. But after the initial few weeks of a diet, many people seem to hit a period where their weight loss suddenly plateaus. The numbers on your weight scale don't seem to budge despite putting in the same amount of effort that up until yesterday was giving you pleasing results. You have hit what's known as a weight loss plateau. Here are 6 easy but very effective ways to get over that plateau like a champ!


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1. Switch up your workout. Working out the same way regularly can get your body accustomed to it. When your body knows what's coming, it doesn't need to put as much effort into it. Keep your body on its toes by varying your workout with a combination of cardio, weight training, Pilates, yoga, interval training and other types of exercise. This will keep your metabolism revved up.
2. Keep a food journal. Keeping a food diary is a very smart health practice. You may be eating high-calorie snacks without realizing it. By being aware of every single thing you put in your mouth, you will be able to keep a consistent caloric deficit, which will in turn cause weight loss. The food journal will help you review and reassess your eating habits, and help you understand the problem areas and holes that are keeping you from losing the excess weight.
3. Eat out less. Eating home-cooked meals is the best way to keep your weight in check. It cuts back on the unnecessary sodium overload that you can take in with just one meal. Sodium can increase your blood pressure and cause weight gain due to bloating. Additionally, even if the menu shows the calories of each meal, most meals served are well above a healthy serving size. Plus, we can't forget the massive glasses of drinks that come with our meal, which we then refill multiple times. Restaurants are an easy ticket to excess calories.
4. Focus on satiety. Eat foods that promote the feeling of fullness and curtail hunger pangs. Indulge in whole foods that are high in protein and fiber. This will suppress the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and delay the process of gastric emptying. Processed foods are high in carbs, which messes with your glucose levels, which in turn makes you overeat. 
5. Do some yoga. Yoga can keep you from bingeing and overeating. It will help you get more attuned to your digestive workings. Along with that, yoga lowers your stress hormone, which can induce hunger. Yoga can also increase your insulin sensitivity, which will act as a signal to your brain to burn the food instead of storing it as fat. Moreover, it can calm your mind and keep you from snacking on high calorie foods.
6. Be realistic. Maybe what you are going through is not a weight loss plateau. Maybe what you actually need is to reevaluate your goals. Many people want to lose 5-10 pounds in 2 weeks, which is an unhealthy and unrealistic goal. Losing 1-2 pounds every two weeks is more realistic. Your body needs fat to carry out many processes. It will latch on to it if you deprive yourself of healthy fats by starving yourself in hopes of seeing that waist shrink faster. If you have a bigger weight loss goal, give yourself enough time to bring it to fruition.

This post was originally published on November 20, 2014.

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