Eva Mendes' post-baby body secret REVEALED

Eva Mendes makes bouncing back after pregnancy look even harder for the rest of us. The Cuban actress welcomed her daughter Esmeralda with actor Ryan Gosling in September. Just days ago, Eva Mendes was showing off her post-pregnancy body in a tight black cardigan and casual capris. It took her just six weeks to look red carpet ready! Bueno, insiders are dishing about how she got back into shape. What's Eva's secret?


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An insider told E! News that most of the bounce-back was all natural. "Eva's flattered that people think she looks good, but she's not taking complete credit for it. She knows genetics plays a big role. She has great genes," they said. Don't you just hate hearing that? There's no doubt that she has great genes, but she also just gave birth to a watermelon-sized creature! There isn't a chance in hell she looks that good by just existing.

The truth is that the Latina star is super disciplined and makes sure to make time for the gym. "Although I'm like every other woman in the world, and I don't say 'Yay!' I'm going to be in the gym for two hours; it's something that I find extremely beneficial and I do it," she said in a previous interview. Eva loves to run and mix it up between long distance and uphill intervals.

Now that baby Esmeralda is here, she doesn't follow as strict of a workout plan yet, but tries to stay active and goes on walks with her baby. The insider also revealed that Eva maintains a strict diet. She only ate an additional 300 calories when she was pregnant with high protein and low calorie meals. Since giving birth, the source said Eva is, "Trying to eat only when hungry and not snack too much."

It seems to be working for her! If I were Eva, I would come out with a post-pregnancy body how-to. It would become a best-seller in no time! I doubt she's have the rice and beans and Cuban food she was raised on, but the sacrifice is paying off.

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