5 Weight loss benefits of apples

apples for weight lossApple season is upon us! Who doesn't love running through an orchard with a basket of freshly picked apples to bring home? The good thing is that apples can actually help you lose and maintain your weight. Here are five ways that apples can help you with weight loss.


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  1. Fiber and being regular is important to weight maintenance and apples have a high fiber content. Just one medium-sized apple has 4 grams of soluble fiber, only about 95 calories, and will take you halfway through meeting your daily fruit intake. Plus, soluble fiber helps you feel full and keep your blood sugar level under control.
  2. Apples contain antioxidants and pectin, two compounds that researchers believe aid in weight loss. Even munching on dried apples can do the trick, but remember: the fresher, the better so head to the produce aisle before you start throwing snacks in your cart.
  3. Munching on an apple instead of drinking a glass of juice is so much more satisfying and will still fill your craving for something sweet. Studies show that people report less hunger after eating whole fruits compared to those who consume applesauce and apple juice for that same taste.
  4. When it comes to apple varieties, research shows that there are some that could be better than others. A recent study discovered that Granny Smith apples helped balance out the bacteria found in the stomach of obese mice that had made them more susceptible to weight gain. By eating Granny Smith apples, the bacteria content started to resemble those found in leaner mice.
  5. In addition to all these wonderful weight loss benefits, apples help prevent tooth decay and the development of diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, and heart illnesses. Your immune system will also get a good boost to help ward off germs during flu season. All these benefits are great reasons why you should heed the old adage "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away."

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