6 Ways to make your menstrual cycle work FOR you

menstrual cycle work for youLet's face it: Aunt Flow isn't exactly a visitor we get excited about each month, but what if I told you that there are ways to make your menstrual cycle work to your advantage? Your period doesn't just come with cramps and crazy mood swings, there are actually some benefits to it. It's true! Below, six ways that you can make your menstrual cycle work for you.


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1. Relax and catch up: If you're craving downtime, it could be the beginning of your menstrual cycle. During the first five days of your cycle, you'll probably feel calm or tired because your estrogen levels are low. Use this time to relax and catch up on to dos like reading and paperwork that require little energy.

2. Know when to gear up: Your energy will start to increase during days 6 though 13, which is the best time to handle more brainy activities like creative projects and challenging yourself to tackle more ambitious work at home or in your career.

3. High energy time: Schedule running and fitness sessions during the first two weeks of your cycle. Your estrogen levels are high during time and your body's energy will be able to sustain a satisfying workout.

4. If you're looking to quit smoking, consider starting that journey when your cycle begins. Withdrawal symptoms will be weaker then because of low progesterone levels.

5. Know when to have couple time: Most women will feel more aroused during days 14 through 16 of their menstrual cycle so take full advantage of this by jumping on your partner and making more intimate time for the two of you. An egg has just been released into your ovary so your hormones make you want to fertilize it and make a baby. Testosterone--yes, women also have the hormone--will increase your libido and having you feeling super sexy and confident.

6. Calm again: The tail end of your cycle, days 17 through 28, is when you'll start feeling relaxed again. During this time, attend to things that could typically raise your blood pressure as you'll feel more patient to tackle them with mindfulness. You'll also start feeling symptoms from PMS so be aware of your tendencies during this time to retreat for a bit until you come out on the other side.

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