5 Foods that you thought were good for you, but are BAD!

Chia seedsWhen a new superfood comes into the mix, it's easy to want to jump on board and buy in before doing your research as to whether this product is actually beneficial to your health. As it turns out some foods that have been touted as amazing for your diet can have some negative sides to them. Below, five foods that you might not have known could cause you harm.


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  1. Chia seeds contain fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats, but eating them raw could cause some scary side effects. See, chia seeds grow when they absorb water--up to 27 times their weight! Now imagine what could happen if you chased a handful of raw seeds with a glass of water and those seeds start expanding before they make it into your stomach! To prevent such a situation, just soak them in a few tablespoons of water before adding them to your smoothie or meal.
  2. Banana chips sounds like a healthy snack option, but they're actually pretty unhealthy. This is because banana chips are often made by deep frying bananas, which adds saturated fats and loads of extra calories you don't need. Plus, these chips contain fewer nutrients than a fresh banana.
  3. Agave nectar isn't a natural sweetener, like you might have thought. In fact, agave nectar contains more concentrated fructose than high fructose corn syrup! Don't be fooled by labels that say it's a raw, all natural sweetener because it's highly refined and so not good for you.
  4. Trail mix and granola bars are a tasty snack for on-the-go, but when you add in sweets and nuts doused in sugar and corn syrup, any benefits you could have gained from some nutty treats go down the drain.
  5. Multigrain and wheat products sound like they're healthier than refined versions, but it's a ploy to make you think you're eating whole grains, which is what you ultimately want. Whole grains contain the entire kernel and are high in fiber and vitamins. Multigrain isn't a regulated term so check the ingredients list to make sure the product contains 100 percent whole grains as its main ingredients.
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