5 Weird vaginal problems & how to fix them

I can deal with financial problems, even health problems (if there are quick and easy solutions), what I don't have the patience for are vaginal problems. I mean, who the hell does? There's nothing more annoying (not to mention embarrassing) than having issues down below. It's a serious pain in the neck. You can't have sex, you can't wear jeans--nada! Plus, it makes you feel like a nasty mess!


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Unfortunately, most of us know all too well the problems that come with having a vagina. You know yeast infections, BV infections, abnormal periods, annoying discharge and UTIs. And that's just the least of them. But what if you have a vaginal problem that you can't quite figure out, like deep pain, painful sex, random numbness or strange bumps?  What the heck does this all mean, you ask? Okay, before you freak out and have a panic attack--try to RELAX! Once you do that then you can sit down and check out some of these vagina issues that aren't really that weird at all--along with their helpful solutions! Be still, be calm--be ready to say goodbye to your vaginal problems!

You have strange bumps: I'll never forget that time one of my best friends called me all hysterical about a weird bump she found on her vagina. Poor girl, who wouldn't freak out over something like that? It was so big and painful she was certain it couldn't be a pimple. I suggested she see her doctor and turned out it was just that. If you shave down there you're very prone to vaginal pimples and nasty ingrown hairs. I'd give it a few days to clear out. If the inflammation continues, then check with your doctor.

You're spotting but it's not your period: A lot of things could cause vaginal bleeding between periods so you definitely want to let you gyno know. It can be anything from birth control, or stopping birth control, an ectopic pregnancy, uterine fibroids or even stress. It's not that weird but it could be serious.

You feel numb: Vaginal numbness sounds scary but it can easily be due to tight fitting clothes, certain sexual positions, frequent bike riding or indoor cycling classes. Try taking a break from all these things and see if it makes a difference. If the numbness continues, have your doctor check it out. It might be a sign of an infection coming.

You have a lot of discharge: If you have a lot of discharge (so much you need a pantyliner) but the color is clear and the odor isn't foul, then you might not have an infection. Have your doctors test your cultures just in case but if they come back negative the constant discharge might be a hormonal problem. Birth control pills might be a good solution.

You feel a deep pain: If you're experiencing serious vaginal pain (especially during intercourse) it might be an infection, vaginal dryness, endometriosis, an ovarian cyst or even a disorder like Vulvodynia or Dyspareunia. Regardless, you need to get it checked out.

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