Souping, a delicious fall detox & weight loss trend!

Juicing and cleansing took over the market years ago and transformed the way people eat and lose weight. It works because you can easily mix and match fruits, vegetables and grains and drink your breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only problem with juicing is the machine itself. Sometimes the blender doesn't work that well and the juicers are pricey and hard to clean. Now there is a new thing in town called "souping" and it's here to stay. I'm excited about it because I'm a soup lover and with the impending onset of winter it makes perfect sense.


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Soupure is a brand new company that sells soups ready to go and you can enjoy them hot or cold. They are only selling the product in California right now, but you can easily borrow from their idea and make your own cleansing soups at home. I'm excited about this because I love hot food, I never got into juicing because I felt hungry after I drank my cold lunch. It was a sociological thing, I felt I needed food to go with juice and souping solves that problem for me.

The possibilities are endless and you can make these soups at home using ingredients that help you stay full and lose weight. Add slimming foods like cabbage, fiber, nuts, chicken, beef or vegetable broth and super fruits like berries and bananas. It's easier to experiment and mix different types of vegetables in a soup than in a juice.

Their most popular soup is the black one which is made with black sesame seeds, bananas and vegetable broth. These ingredients are good for the digestive track, intestines and liver. I think is easier to cook a big pot of soup and eat it throughout the couple of days than making a fresh juice every day. Juices can't be saved because they are raw and spoiled easily. If you are a juice fan, try adding a little bit of broth and cook the whole thing to see what happens.

For some of you souping is not a new thing at all and you have been doing it at home for years. Add flaxseed, wheat germ and goji berries for protein instead of chicken, blend it and let me know how you like it. I'm experimenting with chicken broth, coconut water, kale, spinach, sweet potato and blueberries tonight. ¡Buen provecho!

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