Sofia Vergara goes to extremes to control her crazy addiction

Sofia Vergara Fitness Secrets Wouldn't it be nice to think that Colombiana hottie Sofia Vergara is just blessed with a killer body that she doesn't have to do a thing to keep up? Because if that were the case then we could all just say it's genetics and give up on exercise and healthy eating. But no, Vergara does indeed workout and eat healthy.

Boo, how boring! That's what all us mortals have to do! And aren't we all looking for a magic trick? Well, Sofia Vergara is considering hypnosis to curb her candy cravings. That's kind of like magic no? I'll tell you what, she's making me consider it too.


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Sofia Vergara on the cover of ShapeVergara graces the cover of this month's issue of Shape and in an accompanying interview she says, "Everyone knows that I've never been into working out. I was always very happy with what I have. Then I hit 40 and I started seeing a softness everywhere on my body." Yeah, I noticed the same thing when I hit 40 too.

So now she takes care of her body with the help of a trainer and a lot of hard work. She also watches what she eats, but admits that she has a soft spot for candy. Don't we all? I guess her candy cravings must really get to her because she says:

I heard about someone in LA who got hypnotized so they wouldn't eat candy. I'm seriously looking into that because I'm obsessed. When I do indulge, I exercise a bit harder the next day. My workout motto is really simple: No pain, no cake!

You know what? If I had the money, I would totally try hypnosis to stop my candy cravings or for help with weight loss in general. Why not? It's that whole mind over matter kind of thing that I think really has the potential to work, don't you?

Hmmm, until I save up enough pennies to afford a hypnotist though I guess I'll have to do like Vergara and workout and watch what I eat. Unfortunately, my cake-related workout motto is more like, "There's cake? There's no way I'm not eating that. I'll just eat it super fast so that it counts as cardio and so that it's gone before my kids ask for some." And that's why I don't look like Sofia Vergara.

Image via sofiavergara/Instagram, Shape

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