Breastmilk butter is the hottest trend for new moms


It's a common comedy movie trope: a man opens the fridge, spots a clear bottle filled with milk, and pours a glass of the beverage to quench his thirst--only to discover that he was sipping on breast milk. Inevitably, he spits it out in faux horror. Sound familiar? Well, if you've always felt like breast milk gets a bad rap on the taste front, you'll be delighted to know that the good ol' Internet is brimming with breast milk proponents who are devising new ways to enjoy the fruits of lactating mammaries. For instance, a Reddit user detailed how she made butter out of her own breast milk simply by placing it in a large container and shaking the jar vigorously for about 40 minutes until it started to solidify. After tasting the butter, she claimed it was so delicious, she'd be trying the experiment regularly. Hey, it's certainly an all-natural formula! So what other interesting and unconventional uses are there for breast milk? Here are just some of the suggestions we've found!


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Acne-figthting toner:  Breast milk contains lauric acid, which can help to alleviate breakouts. To use as a toner, simply soak a cotton towelette in breast milk and swipe it over your face, concentrating on irritated areas. 

Say cheese!: Rather than letting his wife's expressed breast milk go to waste, New York-based chef Daniel Angerer put it to use, transforming it into cheese. He temporarily served the delicacy, which he called Mommy's Milk Cheese, in his restaurant, but the New York Health Department ordered Angerer to take the item off the menu. He then decided to share the recipe.

Contact lens solution: If your contacts feel dirty or foggy but you don't have any saline solution handy, you can simply rinse them with breast milk and start seeing clearly in a flash!

Cupcake ingredient: If you enjoy baking, try this recipe for Vanilla Breast Milk Cupcakes With Strawberry Frosting courtesy of Melodie from Breastfeeding Moms Unite. 

Sunburn relief: According to Marcie of Simply Real Moms, smoothing breast milk onto skin after sun exposure can prove as cooling and soothing as applying aloe. 

Blocked tear duct solution: If your baby's eyes look goopy and you suspect his or her tear ducts could be clogged, you can tackle the issue by rubbing a tiny bit of breast milk along the inner corners or even squirting some milk directly onto the affected area. Breast milk has antibacterial properties that can help to prevent and clear up eye infections as well as cure plugged tear ducts.

Sore throat cure: Apparently, gargling with breast milk can help alleviate a sore throat and combat the pain-causing infection.

Energy drink: According to Outside, a growing number of men are seeking out breast milk in order to keep up their stamina during arduous workouts. New York Magazine reports that some athletic men are paying as much as $2.50 per ounce of breast milk online!

With so many healing benefits and so much culinary potential, it's hard to argue against the "breast is best" adage!

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