Women are getting surgery on "banana rolls" to get perfect butts

The world's obsession with Kim Kardashian's booty has definitely reached new heights. A new butt liposuction procedure known as the "banana roll lipo" has grown in popularity thanks to women wanting to attain the perfect Kim K nalgas. The weird fruit term refers to the pocket of fat most women carry right below the butt cheeks. I call mine butt chichos, but to each their own. 


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The procedure is meant to create a seamless surface right below the derrière. Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj have all managed to have big booties without the (natural) banana roll. Hmm…I guess their rears are so huge that they just absorbed the banana roll into their butt cheeks. I actually don't consider my butt roll a problem area. I never thought it was that cute, but I never considered it ugly either. It just hangs out with my cellulite and lovely rear. It's all good.  

According to the Daily Mail, plastic surgery clinics have seen a three-fold increase in women going under the knife for this procedure. Cosmetic doctor Dennis Wolf explains that the heavier the butt, the bigger the "banana roll" will be. "Removing that roll is an effective way of creating greater definition between the top of the thighs and the buttocks, however you must be careful not to remove too much, as this can cause the buttocks to droop," he warns.

A droopy behind is just not cute. Instead of running the risk of ending up with a blown up banana roll, why don't these women just try exercise? Lunges and squats do amazing things for lifting the rear. We can't possibly aim to attain Kim Kardashian's face or body because she is just an anomaly. She also dedicates most of her hours in a day to working on her beauty and we all know she isn't all natural. Just work what you got and at least you can have her same confidence--while rocking your sweet "banana roll."

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