9 Health benefits of drinking lemon water


I'm not going to lie. I love my agua fresca as a great alternative to stay healthy. Now, forget coffee and milk, it is much more nutritious to start your day with a tall glass of lemon water. Loaded with health benefits, here are 9 reasons why you need to nourish your body with this refreshing and rejuvenating drink ever yday!


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1. It hydrates your body: A dehydrated body cannot function properly. Lemon water, first thing in the morning, will flush out the toxins out of your system. More importantly, it will stimulate the functioning of adrenal glands which secretes important hormones and creates energy. Not just that, but it also lowers your stress level.
2. It's an immune booster: Lemon is rich in Vitamin C, which can easily be called one of the strongest antioxidants around. Since it is water soluble, it can travel easily through our system and neutralize any free radicals that it comes accross. Starting with a glass of lemon, water will ensure that your body is relatively shielded against bacteria and viruses that you might come in contact with throughout the day. No more flu surprises either!
3. It balances our internal pH: Contrary to popular belief, once inside our body, lemon is actually very alkalizing. An acidic environment can increase inflammation, which is why the alkalizing property of lemon water is so important to bring back that balance in pH.
4. It acts as a breath freshener: Lemon has antiseptic properties that kills the bad bacteria found in our oral cavity. Rather than coffee, lemon juice is a far better option. That said, it is recommended to drink this at room temperature since it is closer to our internal temperature. Too cold water first thing in the morning will shock your digestive system. For those worried about tooth enamel erosion, know that one llittle glass of lemon water will not harm your enamel. But if you are still worried, just rinse your mouth immediately after drinking it.
5. It's a liver cleanser: By stimulating the process of detoxification, it promotes the excretion of harmful toxins in our liver. Not just that, it also encourages our liver to produce more bile which then adheres itself to harmful molecules, and causes it to excrete from our system. Furthermore, it prevents the production of excess bile and de-solidifies gallstones.
6. It clears our skin: Lemon water fights premature ageing. The antioxidants in lemon repair our damaged cells and fights free radicals that are responsible for ageing. The Vitamin C in lemon is crucial for the production of amino acids, which makes up collagen- a component that gives our skin that youthful and tight appearance.
7. It prevents UTIs: The diuretic properties of lemon water increase the production of urine, which means that a larger amount of toxins are flushed out from our system. It keeps our urinary tract clean and prevents bad bacteria from sticking to the walls. Furthermore, it keeps the pH level from getting too acidic which can otherwise encourage the proliferation of harmful bacteria.
8. It prevents muscle soreness: Workout can cause injury and soreness in our muscles. This is partly because of the storage of lactic acid and metabolites. The Vitamin C in lemon water will flush out lactic acid stored in muscles from the workout that you did the previous day. The antioxidants, just by itself, will reduce your likelihood of getting injured by up to 25%.
9. It's a healer: Lemon water heals your body inside and out. The cells, bones, tissues, cartilage and any wound you might have, Vitamin C in lemon water will accelerate the  healing process and calm any inflammation in your system.

This post was originally published on October 9, 2014.

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