She weighs 600 pounds by choice and dreams of getting bigger

There are some really crazy people out in this world and Gabi Jones is definitely one of them. The 29-year-old from Denver weighs around 620 pounds, that's four times the weight of an average woman her height. But that's not what makes her nuts. The girl is morbidly obese because she likes it. That's right she purposely overeats it efforts to gain more weight and she's been doing this since she was 250 pounds. Isn't this insane?


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"I don't know when I'm going to stop but I still want to be able to walk. I think walking is important,"she told the Daily Mail I'm all about self-acceptance, but Jones is clearly taking things to an unhealthy level. What's even crazier is that she's well aware of all the dangers and risks that come with being a woman of her size and yet she refuses to stop binge eating.

But Jones wasn't always this way. She struggled with her weight for most of her life until she found out about gainers. Gainers are basically women who overeat in efforts to become overweight. And with gainers come men who love gainers. Jones actually has an 18-year-old man named Kenyan in her life who is obsessed with morbidly obese women.

"Every aspect of being fat is attractive to me. I couldn't really say why but I love it and it is part of me," he said. Kenyan not only feeds Jones but he's one of the many men who pays to see exclusive photos and videos of Jones' playing with her stomach fat or shaking her belly. This dude literally comes to her home, cooks for her, feeds her and then watches her get fat. "Being able to feed Gabi is just amazing," he said. "I mean some people would say it's just too disgusting but it is heaven to me."Ugh!

And it gets worse, he also enjoys Jones sitting on top of his body. "I like feeling the weight. I mean you can see it on the scale but if kind of hits home when a woman sits on you how successful you are as a feeder."

I really feel sorry for Jones. She basically went into this whole feeder thing so that she could feel better about herself and her body. But what she doesn't realize is that by living as a gainer she's putting herself at risk for health problems and even death. Someone needs to get this poor girl some help before it's too late!

Check out one of her bizarre eating videos below!

Image via Corbis Images, Mail Online

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