9-year-old asks smokers for a light & gets lectured

Stupid, addicted, a bad habit and bad behavior were some of the words used by strangers when a little nine year old boy approached smokers and asked them for a light. Outgoing Jensen was walking with a pack of cigarettes in his hand and asked for a light as if it was a very normal thing to do. Across the board all the strangers were shocked by his request, couldn't believe he smoked and refused to light the "killer" in his hand.


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The video is funny and educational at the same time and it was made by WHATEVER, a group of social media pranksters who create random videos and online experiments. The video went viral and the reactions from the smokers are priceless. Most of them not only refused to light the cigarette, but took their time to talk to the little boy out of the bad habit. When Jensen asked them why they did it, most of them described themselves as weak people with an addiction.

The strangers wanted to know why his parents let him smoke that young and couldn't believe that they were around to stop him from asking for a light. Some of them gave him a lecture about how bad smoking was for his health and some shared their personal experience. As a mom, smoking is a big concern for me because I don't want my girls to get into that habit. Even though they know ti's very bad for their health, they also see it as a cool thing. When they pretend play to be rich, sophisticated women, they always have an invisible cigarette in their hands and they pretend to exhale like an Old Hollywood star would.

I mean, I don't blame kids for being curious about smoking because sadly it's glamorized in film and television. My husband and I don't smoke and I hope my girls never get into cigarettes. This video shows the sadness and regret most of the strangers felt when they tried to convince Jensen to stop smoking. A man said he started when he was seven years old and he hasn't been able to stop since then. Really sad!

I'm happy I watched this video because it reminded me how important is to talk to your child about smoking. Here is the video for your consideration. Watch it and let me know what you think about it.

Image via Corbis

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