8 Foods to eat for a healthy vagina

woman lying on her sideWe all know what to eat to ward off heart disease, nurture our hair and skin, and keep our general health in check, but what about more specific organs that could benefit from some dietary attention? Women, it's time we gave ourselves a little love down below and I'm not talking about masturbation. There are other ways to make sure we're being good to our vaginas so let's list out the yummy foods you can eat to make sure your vagina is always happy and healthy.


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1. Cranberries are wonderful for warding off urinary tract infections (UTI). These occur when bacteria builds up in your urethra, bladder, or kidneys and it's beyond painful to pee. Cranberries contain acidic compounds that make it into your urinary tract and keep those baddies from ganging up on you. Avoid the sugar-filled juice options and go straight for the tart berries to get the most out of each serving.

2. Yogurt with active cultures and priobotics contains bacteria that are actually good for you when consumed. A little yuck if you really think about it, but hey, there are microorganisms all around us so might as well get buddy-buddy with the ones that'll bring on the benefits. Eating Greek yogurt will help maintain your pH balance down there and help prevent yeast infections.

3. Kimchi, sauerkraut, and other fermented goodies also contain probiotics that keep our acidic levels balanced and fights off vaginal infections.

4. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A, which promotes healthy vaginal and uterine walls.

5. A balanced diet filled with nuts, fruits, and vegetables could work as cramp prevention when Aunt Flow comes into town.

6. Dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale aid in blood circulation, stimulation, and helps keep your vaginal walls well-lubricated, all of which can only mean fantastic things when it comes to sex.

7. Avocados are fatty, but they're the good kinds of fats you actually want in your body. This versatile deliciousness contains vitamin E and also helps against vaginal dryness.

8. Water is a no-brainer, but bears mentioning. Not only will it help flush out bacteria before they wreak havoc (especially after intercourse), but it keeps everything nicely lubricated.

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