Everything you need to know about farts

Let's talk about farts! Are you pinching your nose yet? We've all been in those situations where we are the receiving party and we have to stop breathing for few seconds. We are quick to spot "the troubling" source and we are fast to give a judging look. But let's be honest, we've also been the fart generator and there's nothing more embarrassing and stressful than feeling the urge to fart when you are with friends. Keep reading if you want to learn how to avoid a shameful case of the farts.


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It has to do with indigestion and diet. People with a diet high in fat, processed foods and saturated sugars tend to fart more because their digestive system is always trying to catch up and it fills up with air. We eat a lot of stuff all day and we don't digest it completely.

Excessive flatulence could be an indication of serious digestive illness, such as irritable bowel syndrome, which affects more women than men. Our colon is longer and has more twist and turns than men's. Because of its anatomy it holds feces longer making them rot and create bacteria. This "perfect" combination results in the atomic bombs that sometimes come out on the other end. These are some things you can do to eliminate unwanted farts.

1. If they smell like dead rats: Sign of food rotting in your stomach. Take something to ease indigestion and if the problem persists, check your colon. You might also be developing an intolerance of sulfur foods, so stay away from them.

2. A bunch of little silent ones: You are full of gas and you need to stop eating gassy foods. Forget carbonated drinks, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, uncooked leafy greens and salads because these foods produce a lot of gas.

3. Long stinky ones: First you feel bloated and then out comes the longest fart ever. You probably ate spicy or acidic foods that didn't agree with your stomach. Eliminate these types of food from your diet and drink ginger tea to eliminate gas.

4. Wet ones: It's a sign of constipation. It's time to ingest laxatives to help move your bowels. The dripping occurs because the feces are stuck between the intestine and the anus and every time you try to push it out it dissolves a little bit. For a natural solution drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

5. Constant flatulence: It has to do with lack of fiber intake. Make sure to eat foods rich in fiber or take supplements to minimize the symptoms. Fiber will help you regulate the digestive system and lose weight.

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