Moms hate woman who lost 34 lbs. after pregnancy, call her 'gross'

Why are moms always hating on other moms? Sally Brouwer is a mother from Brisbane, Australia who managed to lose 34 pounds worth of pregnancy weight all due to hard work and exercise. In fact, the woman looks so amazing you'd never guess she's had kids. But along with her amazing new body, come a ton of haters who just can't handle her transformation. Wait until you see her before and after pictures!


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How Brouwer managed to juggle motherhood, working as a police officer, personal trainer and still lose weight is beyond me. She claims her trick was putting at least an hour of exercise every single day. "It's not a strict fitness regime, it's time out for myself for an hour a day," she told Daily Mail. "I love the feeling of challenging myself, enjoying the company of adults with similar interests to mine, being able to relieve the stress of a busy lifestyle and feel good about myself."

Brouwer isn't hitting up a fancy fitness club either, she's working out in the comfort of her own home. That's the amazing part! She usually does around two sessions of one hour running intervals a day. Then teaches two classes of yoga and pilates followed by four high intensity training sessions each and every week. Wow!

But not everyone is impressed with her weight loss. In fact, she's had some pretty nasty comments left on her Facebook page. A lot of moms told her she was "too extreme, skinny, gross and manlike."

"I think it's quite funny that people get all upset about a photo me of," she added. It's not my problem that other people in the world don't like what they see. I'm happy, my husband is happy, my world still turns regardless of what others think I should look like."

It really pisses me off to hear about moms putting other moms down especially for something like weight loss. This woman busted her butt to get back in shape and it's definitely something to admire. The fact that it upset a ton of other women says a lot and proves that they're just a bunch of haters who wished they look this good after pregnancy!

Images via Sally Brouwer/Facebook

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