Toddler born with intestines outside her body is still unable to eat

Most of us take for granted simple acts such as enjoying a meal. Georgia Diamond, a toddler in England, has been denied that pleasure. She suffers from a rare medical condition known as gastroschisis. The 23-month-old was born with her intestines outside of her body. She can only eat via a feeding tube. Georgia's only hope to ever eat snacks like other kids her age is to undergo an intestine transplant, but the procedure has been put on hold for another two years.


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Only 3,000 babies a year are born with gastroschisis, an abdominal wall defect by which the baby's intestines do not develop properly while in the mother's womb. Birmingham Children's Hospital, where Georgia is being treated, is one of two medical centers in the world that perform the risky transplant procedure. 

Her mother Lisa James told the Daily Mail, "We are desperately hoping to find a way to feed her as she needs to be tube fed at the moment." The 26-year-old's daughter has undergone seven operations so far in order to replace the tube that goes directly into her intestines.

Sadly, the operations were unsuccessful and her parents are desperately trying to make sure their toddler's health improves with the intestine transplant. "We are hoping to find a way to feed her as she needs to be tube fed. If we can do that then we can progress from there," they said.

I can't imagine mother's heartbreak. Her little girl can't even enjoy a lolipop or an ice cream. Little Georgia is a fighter just like her mother. I hope this family gets to see their little one flourish into happy and healthy child. You are in our prayers, baby Georgia.  

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