Green tea: How to lose weight with this miracle drink

Green teaGreen tea, anyone? We already talked about superfoods, but let's talk now about this super drink. Yes, green tea is your metabolism booster, fat burning miracle and powerful antioxidant super drink. I know the taste is a little weird and it seems it only goes well with sushi, but if you want to lose weight and burn calories fast, stock up on the Japanese favorite.


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1. Not all green teas are the same: You have to purchase the pure stuff that has the highest content of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and catechins. These ingredients are powerful antioxidants and will help you lose weight by burning calories faster. There are different varieties of green tea items available in the market, but make sure you are purchasing the tea raw. A lot of flavored green teas out there have too much sugar, artificial preservatives and less antioxidants. You want to choose one that is natural.

2. Drink one cup before exercising: Trainers recommend one cup an hour before working out to kick start your metabolism. Basically the tea will make your workout more effective and will help you burn fat faster. Have you ever seen people at your local gym carrying around a little bottle of extract around and they pour it in their drink as if it was a big secret? That's green tea extract! Buy one in a health food store so you can maximize your physical activity and lose the weight around the middle. I'll be honest with you, the extract doesn't taste too good but it definitely works.

3. Make it right: Did you know that you don't have to wait until the water boils to make green tea? The best way to make it is by pouring the warm water directly into the bag so the tiny pieces of the tea break loose. Those little leaves will get into your bloodstream breaking away toxins and filtering the blood.

Now that you know what to drink to lose weight, make sure you make yourself couple cups of the golden drink during the day. Most office's kitchens have green tea lying around. Drink up and lose weight!

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