Banish bad breath with these 5 easy tricks

Nothing kills a good conversation faster than pulling in close to someone and getting a whiff of their bad breath. Apart from brushing after you eat, cleaning your tongue, and flossing at least once a day, make sure your own scent is never offensive with these five tricks to keep the halitosis in check and those pearly whites looking gorgeous.


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1. Just say no to coffee. I dreaded when my teachers would come over to my desk and correct my work because I'd have to suffer through their strong coffee breath. Try to stay away from the drink before you have to speak closely with someone and make sure to brush your teeth after consuming dark liquids like soda, wine, tea, and coffee to prevent teeth discoloration.

2. A dry mouth could be the cause of your offensive breath so drinking or gargling water could act as a quick remedy. Add a wedge of lemon to your glass of water for a little extra help.

3. It's hard to say no to chips and dip at parties (yummy!), but beware of snacks made with onions and garlic. It's a surefire way to keep other partygoers from getting into your personal space especially if the music demands that convos happen up close.

4. If you can get some gum to mask the smell, make sure it's sugarless to prevent cavities from forming. Not only will the yummy taste help freshen your mouth, but it'll generate more saliva flow to wash out any stinky food particles that may have gotten stuck between your teeth.

5. Chewing on ginger, basil, mint leaves, or parsley will also freshen up stinky breath.

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