You cannot eat clean when your fridge is a junk food heaven. The day you detox your fridge, the closer you'll get to that trim waist and toned stomach you have always wanted. Below you will find 7 ways to detox your fridge:

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1. Hide the fatty foods. Macaroni and cheese, cake, processed meat or any other unhealthy foods that you might have in your fridge, hide them away in opaque containers away from your sight or behind more healthy foods. It's our nature to automatically want to be around things we love. When it comes to organizing our fridge, this means putting unhealthy food items at eye level. Let's switch this around. Put your healthy items upfront, within reach and in glass or plastic containers so that its vivid colors shine through when you are deciding what to have for lunch or dinner.
2. Chill and flavor that water. Keep pitchers of water in your fridge and make yourself more inclined to drink it by adding mints and berries, or slices of oranges and limes to it. Keep it in your fridge and allow the flavors to infuse the water. Next time you open your fridge thirsty, soda will not be what you will reach for. The colors of this refreshing drink will entice you and help you stay hydrated throughout the day.
3. Get rid of the soda. Soda is the worst thing you can give to your body. It is filled with empty calories and the only thing it expands is not your life expectancy… but your waist line. It is bad for your bones and organs. It can put you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer and high blood pressure. If you have kids, it can even cause childhood obesity. Get rid of soda from your fridge ASAP.
4. Add the date. Food is perishable and when gone unnoticed it will be wasted. When you pack your leftover fruits and vegetables in containers or zip lock bags, label it with the date. That way, it won't be left for weeks in your fridge, and you won't surprise yourself with molds, fungus and rotten foods.
5. Pack serving size amounts. When you are hungry it is very easy to overindulge… even on healthy foods. So divide food items like guacamole, tuna, cheese and ice cream in different containers that equal to one serving size amount. That way, when that hunger pang hits, you won't be indulging in a whole bar of chocolate.
6. Place your herbs in water. Keeping them hydrated will not only keep them fresh, but having them outside where your eyes can see them will make you want to use them more to flavor your food. Place them in a jar full of water and cover them in plastic bag. You can even do this with cilantro. Herbs do not have unnecessary sodium, sugar or any harmful components to it. Adding it to your diet will strengthen your immune system, and help clean your body while nourishing it with the essential vitamins and minerals.
7. Pre-cook vegetables and grains. Especially ones that you can add to your salad. Pickles, roasted bell peppers, quinoa, grilled eggplants, hard boiled eggs… all of these you should try to cook in large batches so you can use them throughout the week in your salads, sandwiches and wraps. Healthy eating does not have to take long time, it just takes a little creativity. By preparing in advance, you won't have to stop by a drive-through when short on time.

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