Lose weight on your vacation with these 5 tips

VacationYou are traveling to new places, unveiling new cultures and traditions or relaxing on the beach. You are taking a break from your regular routine and you are EATING. We tend to eat a lot while we are vacationing and we don't exercise enough. Time to turn things around! You can lose a lot of weight while you are traveling, and we'll tell you how. Making these smart choices while you are away, we'll help you stay fit and shed the unwanted vacation pounds.


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1. Walk, don't drive. I know you want to feel like a diva and drive around everywhere, but if you don't want to gain weight, walk instead. You are in a new place, go and explore it! You'll be surprised by the things you can discover on your own that are impossible to see when you are in a car. If you want to take a tour, grab a map and learn the route. You should at least walk half of the way to make sure you burn some calories.

2. Swim. This is probably one of the best exercises you can do because your entire body is moving. Swimming is hard, but it's a lot of fun and you can do it with the kids. You can also do exercises like knee bends and arm rotations while you are in the pool.

3. Take the stairs!  Lots of trainers and fit people in general claim that they never take elevators. They don't like to pass up the opportunity to score some extra points climbing the stairs. Lucky for us, they are everywhere! Take charge and stop the temptation of jumping in the elevators. Chances are that by the time you'll wait for some room in the mechanical box you'll reach your destination by foot and you'll feel better!

4. Watch what you eat. Just because you are on vacation it doesn't mean that you are going to eat cream based dishes with every meal. Pace it out, keep a journal of what you eat. You can still eat delicious food choosing leaner meals. Go dancing after a big filling dinner so you can shake those extra calories.

5. Have fun! You are on vacation, so don't stress about your weight. Worrying about eating and the lack of exercising will make you miserable and won't prevent you from gaining weight. On the contrary, have fun! You probably will skip some meals and do a lot of physical activities if you embrace the fact that you are vacationing.

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