The best snack for weight loss will surprise you

nuts healthy snackLet's get nutty girls! I say, let's bring out the almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews and every member of the nut family. In every form, shape, color and texture, nuts are the best snack to get you through the day and help you lose weight. That's what nutritionists around the country eat for snack and if they do it is because is the best thing for you!  


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Nuts are the perfect snack to lose weight because a little bit of them can hold you over and diminish your appetite and a whole serving will make you feel full. Nuts are rich in omegas, proteins, fatty acids and minerals like folate which increases memory. Eating nuts will give you the feeling of satiety and stop cravings on their tracks!

A homemade trail mix containing almonds, cashews and pistachios will control your hunger and stop you from overeating. Eating a handful of those nuts before meals will allow you to eat less without missing the nutrients. So keep some of them in your bag or around your desk so you can snack smart!

Be careful because not all nuts are created equal. Others like pecans and macadamia have more calories per ounce compared with the trio mentioned earlier. I mean, they are still good for you, but you actually need to control the amount of nuts you eat with these varieties.

Listen, the key to losing weight is portion control. Eating a lot of a good thing can be a bad thing because quantities matter. So just because we are saying that nuts are the perfect snack, it doesn't mean that you can eat a wholesale size container in a day.

As you know walnuts are incredibly healthy and good for your heart. They have super high content of alpha linoleic acid (ALA) and omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce inflammation. If you have high cholesterol and a weak heart, nutritionists recommend eating eight walnuts daily to receive the benefits. If you don't like the taste of raw nuts, they are available in different varieties in the market. They have them candied, which are sweeter and great in salads, covered in dark chocolate, in bars and butters. Stop snacking and start "nutting" so you can fight weight loss!

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