5 Easy workouts guaranteed to give you a bigger butt

Jennifer Lopez recently posted this interesting video on her Instagram of a big booty woman impressively shaking and twerking on a stripper pole. It wasn't J.Lo herself, but I couldn't help but wonder if she's taken pole dancing lessons with this woman. I've heard it can help build your butt and this chica's behind is serious!


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In case you didn't know, pole dancing doesn't just work out your arms it also tones your lower body, including your booty. That's because it combines so many different types of exercise from spin, climbing and even dance moves. I hear it's a ton of fun too. But if pole dancing really isn't your thing, don't stress. There are many cool workouts out there that specifically target the booty. Check them out!

Hourglass workout: Ever heard of the hourglass workout? It's an intense full-body conditioning program, created by Lyzabeth Lopez, that helps women to get lean, gain strength all while still building on their natural curves. It's a mix of everything from resistance training, boxing, pilates--you name it!

Vixan workout: This Vixen workout created by professional fitness instructor and former Miami Heat dancer Janet Jones is what I'd like to call booty-building, hip-hop cardio. It entails breaking out dance moves that make you feel just like Beyonce.

Pilates: People really do underestimate the power of pilates. It targets a ton of muscles including your glutes, hips and outer thighs. Join a class or do it at home with the Shape: Pilates Workout-Makeover Your Abs, Butt and Thighs Fast! DVD ($2).  

Yoga: Believe it or not, the right yoga poses could give you a bigger and perkier butt. A few good positions are Warrior One, Warrior Two, Warrior Three, Chair Pose and the Elevated Wide Squat.

Cardio: If you're more of a cardio machine kind of girl, try doing at least 30 minutes  on the treadmill, elliptical or stair master. Apparently they work out a good percentage of your glute muscules!

Now let's raise those buns girl!

Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

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