Man goes in for circumcision, loses entire penis instead

circumcisionCircumcision is usually performed on baby boys, but there are certain cases where men decide they want to get circumcised as adults. This is a brave choice because from what I understand it's a lot more painful to have it done when you're older. That's why I completely empathized with an unnamed Alabama man who went in for a routine circumcision and left WITHOUT a penis!

The poor guy filed a malpractice suit against Princeton Baptist Medical Center, the two doctors involved, and the Urology Centers of Alabama.


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The snipping incident occured in June according to the lawsuit and all the victim remembers is waking up and finding out that his penis was amputated. To make matters worse, the suit states that the hospital did not give the man an explanation and wasn't warned of an amputation risk during the circumcision.

The doctors are also at fault for not seeking help when they experienced the complications during the surgery gone awry. It's unclear how much the man is seeking in damages, but he claims that he has experienced pain and suffering and his wife says it has affected their personal life.

I can't say I blame this guy for being this upset over this medical malpractice. Imagine losing an important body part all because of a doctor's neglectful treatment? I would sue them for all they are worth because that's a disability you will be stuck with for the rest of your life. His poor wife also has to suffer thanks to this man's terrible fate and all this will most definitely unnecessarily put a strain on their relationship. I may not be a doctor, but I sure as heck know that during circumcision, only involves removing the foreskin of the penis--not the WHOLE thing!

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