Where table salt falls short by being stripped of the nutritional minerals during processing, Himalayan salt reigns supreme with its pureness and mineral rich content. This ancient and completely natural salt has spent centuries housed around 5,000 feet below the Himalayan mountains, under excruciating tectonic pressure, which kept it safe from any kind of industrial impurities and toxins. It is not heavily processed, and is washed and mined manually. Unlike table salt, Himalayan salt contains 85 percent sodium chloride and 15 percent of 84 different trace minerals. So it's really your secret weapon for weight loss, and here's how!

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1. Have a glass of Sole. Sole is a solution of water infused with unrefined salt. When you dissolve the goodness of Himalayan salt in pure spring water, what you get is an elixir containing traces of 84 ionized minerals that work together in harmonizing the pH levels of your body, stabilizing your blood pressure, eliminating stone forming sediments and thoroughly cleansing the skin while revitalizing your entire system. For the best results, you should start every day with a glass of salt Sole.

2. Have a salt-infused bath. This can be an intense skin detoxifier, while some comparing it to a three-day long fast. It is very demanding on your circulatory system, so don't stay in the bath for more than 15 to 20 minutes. Keep the temperature of the water around 97 degrees Fahrenheit so as not to strain your body. Once out of the bath, you will feel your muscles relaxed, while some of you might even feel sleepy. A Himalayan salt-infused water bath is excellent for detoxifying your body of toxins, along with getting rid of skin problems, joint pain, wounds, insect bites etc. 

3. It supports all major functions of your body. By swapping table salt with Himalayan salt when it comes to your diet, it will strengthen the functioning of your thyroid and adrenal glands. It will keep the hormonal balance in check and increase the metabolism, helping you burn fat. If you suffer from hypochlorhydria, Himalayan salt can be used to treat it naturally. It can help you get rid of gas, constipation and bloating caused by low stomach acid.

4. It purifies the air for a cleaner body. Himalayan salt lamps are not only gorgeous, but they are also incredibly beneficial to our bodies. These are fantastic to neutralize pollen, dirt, dust and allergens suspended in the air. Because salt produces negative ions, it is also said to lower EMF which are emitted from electronic devices, including the harmful radiation produced from computers. 

5. Detoxify your lungs and sinuses with salt therapy. Inhaling salt rich air can clear out any congestion in your entire respiratory system. Once it reaches the lungs, the tiny salt particles work their detox magic. The negative ions of the salt clear mucous and stimulate the response of immune system towards pathogens. Since many respiratory diseases arise from not having enough sodium chloride in your airways, salt therapy can help prevent this problem. It can get rid of headaches, depression, improve mental alertness and help with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

As you can see, Himalayan salt indirectly helps with weight loss by cleaning our system from inside out. By doing this, it stimulates the functioning of our cells, muscles and organs by providing it with a healthy environment where it can thrive.

Do note that Himalayan salts that are sold for really cheap prices are probably excavated from near the top of the Himalayas and contain more impurities. 

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