Get rid of that belly drinking eggplant water

At this time of year, eggplant can be found everywhere. I make eggplant lasagna, eggplant parmesan, babaganoush, my eggplant casserole with tomatoes and anchovies, and, of course, the classic ratatouille. I'm not here to talk about food recipes though, but about how to use this vegetable for weight loss, something we all need these days.


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Poking around the internet, I found an article about the benefits of eggplant water and how it promotes weight loss. It's said that due to the high water content of eggplants and to the vitamins and minerals that they provide, which act as antioxidants, eggplants help burn fat.

If you add to this that eggplants are rich in potassium and are a natural diuretic that helps fight fluid retention, well, a silver bullet!

To prepare eggplant water you just have to wash and slice the eggplant, skin and all, into cubes. Then put the cubes in a dark jar or pot and cover them with water. After closing the container, let it sit overnight. If you don't have a dark jar, you can cover any bowl with a kitchen towel. The important thing is that the essence of the eggplant be transferred to the liquid overnight.

For the treatment to be effective, it must be repeated for seven consecutive days. The next morning, strain the water and drink about a liter a day. In the evening, repeat the process of cutting the eggplant, adding water and letting it stand overnight.

With this treatment you can lose up to four pounds in a week if you accompany it with a healthy diet, low in fat and carbohydrates and exercising at least half an hour daily.

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