7 Breakfast foods that banish belly bloat

pineappleYou've heard countless times, I'm sure, that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Many people opt to skip out on it when they shouldn't, but those that do don't always make the best food choices. This also isn't a good strategy if you had a big meal the night before and woke up super bloated.

If you want to debloat in the a.m. there are some easy ways to do it, and it all begins with what you eat!

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One of the worst ways to start off your day is to wake up super bloated. Sure, that burger with all the rich toppings seemed like a good idea last night, but now you're paying for it. Summer dresses don't look cute if you're displaying a pancita and you aren't even pregnant. The best way to tackle debloating fast is by being smart about the foods you eat.

If you follow this regimen, you'll be bloat-free in no time. And definitely go easy on the salt during the day!

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Add Comment How do you de-bloat after a day of bad eating?


Top healthy foods that you should eat everyday
1- Almonds
2- Avocado
3- Berries
4- Bell pepper
5- Broccoli
6- Eggs

7 - Flaxseed oil

Top healthy foods

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