7 Secret ways French women stay skinny

french peopleFrance is the land of cheese, wine, chocolate and rich foods, yet only about 18 percent of the French are fighting weight issues. People are constantly trying to adopt the French diet to get the same effects, but truth be told, the only secret why French women are so lean is that they don't believe in diet; rather, each meal for them is a celebration.

Below, you will find seven basic principles that the French follow to look their best while indulging in the most nutrient dense and rich culinary treats.


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1. They eat slowly and mindfully: The importance of eating slowly has been well established in the health community. Research shows that eating mindfully helps you to consume fewer amounts of calories. In the French culture, food is very important. It's not just a act of eating, rather it's a ritual where family members come together to share ideas, laughs and joy. Food enhances this experience. They almost never overeat because by savoring every bite, it helps them to actually feel satisfied by the end of the meal.

2. They don't look for the cheap way out: French choose quality even when they know that it might come with a heavy price tag. By spending a little extra on buying whole foods, they can cut down on medical expenses in the long run. Also, by utilizing almost every part of the produce, from bones to the organs, their diet is very flavorful and highly nutritious.

3. They avoid commercialized items: The French believe in the power of fresh and local foods, even if it requires them to visit more than one store multiple times in a week. They don't base their purchasing decisions on television ads, rather they buy seasonal items and go to specific stores that specialize in specific products. If they want bread, they go to a bakery. If they want meat, they go to their local butcher. Cooking with unprocessed foods is the key to their culinary success. On the contrary, Americans, in the quest to save time, buy canned foods, lunch meats and boxed meals. Do you see what's wrong here?

4. Quality over quantity: For the French, it's not about getting mass amount of products for a specific price, rather they try to get the best item with the highest quality. They know that bulk items are often filled with preservatives and chemicals, plus they refuse to compromise on its mediocre flavor. Instead, they choose to buy the more expensive and delicious version because they know that their taste buds deserve nothing less.

5. They don't feel deprived: What you resist, you crave. This is true when it comes to food. For the French, everything is accessible. They enjoy a little wine with every meal, and because they don't limit themselves they practically never overindulge. When they eat dessert, the amount of butter and sugar in the piece of cake in front of them don't intimidate them. Instead, they relish the texture, flavor and look of the small dessert in front of them, preventing them from going on a binging spree.

6. There is reverence which is the opposite of calorie counting: The French revere the intricacies of food and the cooking process. They do not believe in simplifying it through counting calories. It cheapens the quality of food and inhibits them from truly enjoying their meals.

7. They don't buy fake: Sugar-free, cholesterol-free, vegetarian "meats" are not in their vocabulary. They take pride in cooking and eating real foods.

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Below, you will find seven basic principles that the French follow to look their best while indulging in the most nutrient dense and rich culinary treats.

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