Woman loses 120 lbs just by pushing herself hard & you have to see her now!

Sarah Evans' life changed after celebrating her 30th birthday in Las Vegas with friends and having a miserable time. The five-foot-four woman was weighing around 248 pounds during this time and could not enjoy herself because of her constant thigh chafing. After seeing her friends having a great time and wearing bikinis, the Louisiana woman knew it was time for a change.

Since then, the 31-year-old has dropped 120 pounds and you HAVE to see her amazing transformation!


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Upon changing her diet, Evans followed a low carb eating lifestyle which included greens and lean protein. It was a huge stretch compared to the way she ate beforehand which included heavy meals laddened in fats, carbs and everything fried. At the same time as starting a new diet, she incorporated a couch to 5K workout which trains beginners to start running.

sarah evansShe recalls only being able to do 30 seconds of running in the beginning, but it completely transformed her since then. "Now I'm running two or three 5Ks a week. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with running," she said. In addition, she also started taking Crossfit classes as well as other workouts to keep her routine going.

Evans explains that she has dropped 120 pounds in the last couple of years but still has some good and bad days. She learned that she is her best motivator and inspiring others is what keeps her going. In fact, because she didn't have anyone supporting her, she started her own running group called S.T.I.R which stands for: "Stand, Think, Inititiate, Run." Through the group she encourages other women to run with her, especially those with weight loss goals.

I really admire Evans for all the hard work she put into losing weight and keeping it off. When it comes to exercising I follow the same method as in I find myself to be my best motivator and I enjoy encouraging others to do so as well. She is proof that if you put your mind to it, anything can be done and I love that she continues to challenge herself. 

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