New fitness fetish classes combine hardcore exercise with WHAT?

fitness fetish I've often read that fit people have more sex and that exercise makes you friskier. The issue is that not everyone is fitness minded and it takes a lot of motivation for some people to hit the gym. But one Australian woman found a way to combine BOTH of those things into one exercise regimen. Mistress Anna, a personal trainer by day and a dominatrix by night, decided to combine her two loves to create a fitness fetish bootcamp class.

No, I'm not kidding and wait till you hear what the workout regimen is like!


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The class called Forced Fetish Fitness Bootcamp includes BDSM moves for those into the kinky acts. Mistress Anna says that the reason she combined the bootcamp with the sexual fetishes is because she finds them to have one thing in common: Bootcamp is considered a class where you have to work hard and is painful, something she says is a "natural progression" to BDSM.

A normal (if you can call this normal!) class has students doing push ups and tricep dips as she slaps them around or sits on them to make the workout harder. Some methods sound more torturous than others--the rowing exercise that has your nipples attached to clamps as you use the machine? Um, ouch!

The great thing about her class is also how diverse the clientele is. They all range from accountants, engineers, to computer programmers. Although it might sound a bit strange to get spanked around as you do sets of push ups, one satisfied client says he is also seeing results. "The fetish fitness classes have helped me start to change my body to better reflect what I want to look like," explained one avid fetish bootcamp goer.

I have likened bootcamp classes I've taken to torture that I've enjoyed. Perhaps Mistress Anna is on to something and it's the perfect way to motivate a certain crowd to work out. If this is what it takes to make your lazy hubby get back in shape then maybe it isn't a terrible idea! I won't be surprised if these types of classes eventually make their way to the U.S., but for now lets see how it fares in Australia.

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