Watermelon, banana & mint smoothie fights bloat to give you FLAT tummy (RECIPE)

watermelonBeing bloated is something that happens to me far more often than I want to admit. It's bound to happen to many of us especially if we've eaten too much fiber or foods that were just too heavy on our stomachs. It's not a great feeling to have and gets uncomfortable really quickly if you're wearing the wrong attire.

You know what I'm talking about ladies, high-waisted jeans and pencil skirts feel less sexy when you're bloated! Therefore I have come up with a delicious smoothie recipe that will help combat that pesky bloating STAT!


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You could reach for a peppermint tea to help your gas problem, but wouldn't a smoothie be a better option? The recipe I have for you contains watermelon, banana and mint. These three ingredients combined create a powerhouse of nutrition that will not only taste delicious, but help get rid of that bloated pancita.

So if you overdid it on that kale salad or that black bean burrito during lunch, this is the perfect remedy for you. The watermelon's highly water-based content helps flush out excess water or bloat-causing waste in your system, while the banana is rich in potassium which is a big gas fighter. The menthol found in mint leaves are known to help relieve muscle spasms which will help diminish any bloating you may have.

Here is what you will need:

1 banana

2 cups of watermelon

A handful of fresh mint leaves

1 cup of almond milk


Blend all ingredients together, adding more liquid if necessary to the mixture. Add ice cubes to a glass before serving.

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