This easy beach game will keep your kids active & entertained all day long!

A few days ago, I wrote to you about beach bowling--a really fun, free and easy game for kids of all ages to play at the beach, and while it's certainly an awesome option, I figured you'd need at least one more time-consuming and active game for your next beach day. After all, they can only build so many sand castle before getting bored. So today, I'm bringing you an idea that involves even less hands-on time for you and quite possibly a bit more for your kids. That means you'll probably get to enjoy your seaside day as much as the kiddos enjoy theirs. Check out this awesome beach game below.


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Teaspoon Treasure Hunt


Spare change

Teaspoons (metal or plastic)


Grab a handful of change from your car or purse and head down to the beach. Be sure to find a good spot with at least a several-foot radius of empty space around where you plan to sit.

Lay out all of your belongings, and then set about digging a bunch of really deep holes all in the immediate vicinity of your own chair or towel. You would ideally do this while your spouse or a friend takes the kids down to the water or while they're otherwise occupied (perhaps with photo or another game), so they won't be able to memorize where you've been digging.

Put one or more coins in each hole (more if you think they have the attention span) and cover them up. Then equip each of your children with a teaspoon and tell them to use it to dig for all of the "treasure" you've hidden. Be sure to let them know they get to keep whatever they find, for even more motivation to stay busy and they'll work off tons of energy while scavenging for that hidden treasure!

*If you use plastic spoons, please be sure to dispose of them properly when the game is over. Keeping our beaches clean means a better experience for everyone.

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