flat absWhen people think about losing weight, they often times visualize flat and chiseled abs usually seen on supermodels. The good news is that strong abs don't just have to be secluded to the glamor world, they can be fully attainable by anyone. Plus, a flat tummy is not only aesthetically pleasing but it will also help you live longer.
Here is the thing though: If done wrong, tummy fat can take you years to shed, but if dealt with in the right way, you should see your abs in a matter of weeks to a few months.

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Here are 5 powerful tricks that will help accelerate the fat burning process from your stomach:-
DON'T stress, DO sleep- People really underestimate the role of sleep and stress on belly fat.  A chronic lack of sleep can reduce the level of leptin, which is an appetite suppressing hormone. It signals satiety to the brain, but a lack of sleep causes the plasma level of leptin to decrease significantly. This stimulates your appetite even more.
High stress can also cause imbalance in hormonal level, which then stimulates belly fat storage. Stress causes increase in the level of cortisol and adrenalin, which in turn causes fat and sugar to enter the bloodstream to fuel the need for energy. When the blood glucose level drops, you get hungry again, which makes you more prone to eating fatty food. This vicious cycle keeps repeating and that slab of fat on your stomach keeps getting bigger and more dangerous. 

Aim to at least get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. You will see a dramatic difference in   your weight by just adopting a consistent and healthy sleeping habit.
Fight Fat with Healthy Fats- Monounsaturated fatty Acids (MUFA) can help fight visceral fat before it even gets a chance to be stored. These fats can be found in avocados, seeds, olive oil, nuts and soybeans. Adding a source of food high in MUFA with each meal will also increase your basal metabolic rate, and increase the feeling of fullness.
Super Foods- Super foods like flax seed, chia seed and hemp seed are high in fiber which keeps you regular and fuller, thus, curbing hunger. The high levels of Omega 3's  fights stress hormones such as cortisol. Increasing your intake of soluble fiber from vegetables and fruits also helps decrease the stubborn visceral fat.
Snack at the Magic hour- It is imperative that you eat a snack rich in fiber and protein between 3pm to 4pm. This will keep your blood sugar constant and curb those cravings that often comes from an empty stomach. It is will also keep you energized and full till the dinner.
Do High Intensity Interval Training Instead of Crunches- Short periods of intense exercise alternated with recovery periods is a much more faster way of melting the belly fat than regular crunches. HIIT can burn up to 3 times as much belly fat than regular cardio or crunches. The best part is that your metabolism remains high up to 24-48 hours after the workout.
By implementing the above tricks, you should see a significant difference in your stomach area. Be consistent and you will achieve that toned mid section you have been dreaming about in no time.

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