3 Powerful detox tips for cleansing your body & losing weight

We spend so much time in keeping our external self looking clean and pretty--brushing our teeth, showering everyday, wearing nice clothes and washing our hair. Detoxification is the internal purification system whereby our body filters out the bacteria and harmful toxins present in our bloodstream. Here are three things to add to your diet to give your body a much needed restart...


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Lemon: Lemon water is a fantastic liver detoxifier. This is because it is high in vitamin C, which eliminates traces of harmful metals like mercury and lead from your cells. Furthermore, lemon juice also dissolves uric acid and eliminates pathogenic bacteria. It is an anti-scorbutic, which means that it helps the body fight diseases by keeping it clean of impurities.

Parsley: Parsley is a powerhouse of vitamins A,B,C,K and minerals like potassium and iron. It's a dieuretic, which means that it eliminates water weight without lowering the body's potassium level. Parsley also has remarkable anti-cancer properties and the folic acid present in its leaves reduces the level of amino acid, homocysteine, in the bloodstream. It keeps your heart healthy. Plus, parsley also contains important phytochemicals that increases the blood flow to kidneys and livers that then speeds up the detoxification process.
Fresh fruits: Fruits are excellent detoxifiers. This is especially true of acidic fruits like red grapefruit and oranges. If you want to give your body a break from over-processed foods and convert it into a fat burning machine, then eating more fruits is the way to go. Watermelon is another great whole body detoxifier that cleanses the kidneys, livers, bladder, colon and stomach. It helps the liver process harmful ammonia and convert it into urea that can be then be excreted through urine. Also, don't forget about apples. Pectin in apple sweeps out aluminum, cadmium and mercury from the intestinal tract of our body.
By including the foods mentioned above, you will be building a strong and clean foundation for your body. This nutrient rich foundation will accelerate the growth of new, healthy cells while stripping your body from unhealthy fat and toxins- leaving behind a new and beautiful you.

This post was originally published on May 29, 2014

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