Tap yourself skinny with this easy & effective weight loss technique!

foreheadThere are so many weight loss methods out there that women are told to follow. Whether it's fasting for a couple of days or cutting back on carbs, it's almost always something extreme that almost always fails.

However, there's a book called Tapping for Weight Loss that claims to have found the solution to losing and keeping the weight off. You're never going to believe WHAT the weight loss magic is either!


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The book swears by Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which means you tap into acupressure points on your body with your fingertips to reduce stress and even get rid of cravings.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that it may even help for weight loss. A study found that women who tapped 15 minutes per day on these acupressure points lost a total of 16 pounds in eight weeks without dieting and kept it off for up to half a year.

EFT relaxes the amygdala in the brain which controls the stress hormone cortisol that causes cravings and eventually leads to weight gain. In order to reduce stress,  tap the forehead,chin, around the eye, nose and collarbone as it connects the mind and body in a gentle way. It calms down the brain which causes any stress or emotional eating trigger to disappear. 

To effectively do EFT you must acknowledge how stressed you are, create a set-up statement in which you say you won't let the negative emotion control you. Then tap the EFT points on the body seven times repeating the statement you created until you feel confident the message has sunk in. After that you switch it up to a more positive message that will lower your stress levels even more.

I have heard of EFT in the past and I have a friend who swears by it too. It makes sense that it would be used for weight loss, but my only issue with it is that so many people are impatient I doubt they'd do it correctly. If you are willing to experiment and don't like the idea of dieting then maybe this is the solution for you!

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