Mom says breast implants cured her depression

breast implants A 43-year-old mother of two says she cured her depression which lasted two decades by getting breast implants. Jill Walker say she lost most of her breast tissue after her second pregnancy which left her feeling insecure about her body. She was working as a traffic cop and was finally able to afford the surgery she longed for after she was let go from her job. She was given a severance package and with that, she got the surgery.

She had the procedure done less than two weeks after losing her job and went from a 32A cup size to a 32E. Walker says her depression was cured overnight thanks to the implants and doesn't regret her decision.


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"I finally feel free of the condition that defined me for too many years. I am happy and confident at last. The old Jill is back," Walker saud.

The problem began after she had her second child and her breasts shrank dramatically after giving birth. "I absolutely despised the way my chest looked. My shoulder blades were more prominent than my breasts," she said describing the drastic change. It didn't help her self-esteem that she went through a divorce a year later. To make matters worse the new man she started dating was cheating on her with women with bigger breasts. 

Eventually her insecurities started affecting her whole life and she stopped socializing and knew getting a boob job was the only way she was going to feel better. The problem was as a single mom she couldn't afford it and was also turned away for surgery at one consultation because she wasn't the right fit.

Sure enough when she was finally able to pay for the surgery she'd researched for over 15 years, she got it done right away. "I feel like me again. It was that simple. The anxiety and stress I felt non-stop left me as soon as I had it done," she said.

I can see how some people can judge this woman for spending the money her job gave her for a vain reason, but it sounds like she knew what she was doing. She took her time to research doctors and didn't act impulsively. If this is what she finds she needed to bring back her self-confidence then more power to her. I'm sure many women face the issue she had after giving birth and unfortunately not everyone has the financial means to fix it. As long as she is healthy both mentally and physically I don't think she deserves the criticism she has received.

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